Personnel agency LABORA is an enterprising company which looks for new partners abroad to start a longterm, prosperous and, as we also hope, pleasurable cooperation.

Our goal is to keep both our clients and partners satisfied.

We offer complex service in the field of recruitment.

During the recruitment process all the important phases are guaranteed:

  • We analyse particularities of your demands on employees to prepare the recruitment
  • We choose the suitable strategy for searching the candidates and offering them your job proposal
  • We choose the right course of the recruitment process according to the difficulty of the offered job position – the main steps of the procedure are: considering the CV, phone interview, personal interview, knowledge tests, personality tests, skill tests, reference check, etc. We obtain the detailed profile of the candidate, what is a quarantee for you to choose the right future employee
  • We make efforts to maintain individual attitude to each our client and partner
  • We inform the candidate in detail about the job offer, the employer and his requirements, about the advantages and disadvantages of the job to prepare him for the position
  • We help our clients with all administrative matters in order to prepare them well for the job.

If you have more questions, please contact us on or by phone +421 904 967 670.

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